Regression Therapy – The IST Inner Space Technique


The IST (Inner Space Technique) deals with the causes of present mental and emotional blockages and how to resolve them. For example:
    • Psychosomatic discomfort or disease, chronic pain
    • Exhaustion, Depression, Grief
    • Fears, such as fear of failure, fear of loss, social fears or panic attacks
    • Bullying, job loss, burn-out
    • Conflicts and difficulties in the family
    • Separations, loss of persons close to you
    • Processing traumatic experiences
    • Search for the meaning of life, reorientation
    • Spiritual Development and Transformation
The IST regressions therapy is the result of the French physician Dr. Samuel Sagan, who developed this method in Australia and California in the 1990s. Today it is practiced internationally. The IST (Inner Space Technique) deals with the causes of present mental and emotional blockages and how to resolve them. It works through the so-called Third Eye, which allows direct access to inner perceptions without the control of the mind, which often prevents us from unfolding our true potential. We believe that we make our decisions consciously and freely. In many cases, however, they have little to do with what we really want, but they are the result of influences and limitations from the past. In this process, our behaviour always reveals certain patterns in which we are recorded. This has to do with forces and their dynamics in the background, which are linked to biographical events, which are usually inaccessible to our everyday consciousness. When you are in contact with the deeper aspects of yourself, unconscious and repressed memories from this or previous life are revealed and layers obscured by the protective mechanisms of the psyche become visible. You can see, feel and understand your emotional blockages and belief systems at their origin. It is not the “history” that is important, but the feelings around the event that have left an emotional scar. This is not about an intellectual understanding, but about an emotional, deep awareness that causes an internal restructuring. You come to insights that fundamentally change your experiences with yourself and your life. The special feature of this method is that healing is effected by the process of discovery and resources are activated at a deep level. The goal is to work out how you can change your current life so that you gain freedom over your ability to act instead of reacting controlled by conditioning and clearly recognizing who you are outside of your problems. They not only gain extraordinary insights that in themselves cause change, but the encounter with themselves also involves a healing and spiritual dimension that forms the heart of the IST method and makes it unique. Real healing takes place somewhere deep in the remote corners of our being, to which we can advance in our deep process. It is the magic door that leads us on the path to transformation and to the inexhaustible sources of our spirituality.

“You don’t change by solving your problems, you solve your problems by changing.” Dr. Samuel Sagan, author and founder of IST Repatriation Therapy