Regression – resolving of blockages

Have you ever wondered why you always show the same behavioral patterns? Why disruptive blockages affect your life, such as constraints, stuttering, weight problems, chronic diseases, or even addictions and eating disorders?

The answer is in your past.

Especially strong dislikes or extraordinary fears as well as inability to make decisions often have a very concrete origin in childhood or in a previous life. Because…

Bad experiences leave their mark

Everyone believes that they make their decisions consciously and freely. Often, however, it is rather the case that they have little to do with what we really want. Rather, they are the result of influences and limitations from the past that superimpose our present consciousness.

How can one recognize and cope with invisible influences on life?

In order to dissolve anxiety or depression, you have to recognize them. Become aware of all its effects and question them. It will be clear whether they should continue to influence our actions.

Exemption through regression

The IST regression technique helps to uncover hidden unconscious and conscious memories. Gain your freedom in the here and now – without blockages and internalized conditioning. Look back into the past so that you can consciously and noticeably change the present. Get rid of negative feelings – their causes and effects.

Previously something fundamental about regression

Always make a regression therapy with a therapeutic goal. Always seek a healing when regression. This includes understanding that it makes sense why we don’t remember many things from our past life. Because this primarily serves our own protection! If it were otherwise, the tide of too much old stuff would block us and we would be unable to act.

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